Rainbow Academy's summer day camp provides an exhilarating recreational program for children through 12 years of age!

At Rainbow Academy, the acreage is large enough to afford young children up to age 12 opportunities in all sports, yet, small enough to provide a safe and nurturing experience where all campers and staff get to know each other.  

Summer staff counselors are teachers, with knowledge and experience to give each child a chance to excel. Heated swimming pools provide 45 minutes of daily fun and respite from the heat.  

Activities include

  • swimming lessons,
  • horseback riding or pony rides,
  • music,
  • yoga and exercise,
  • ball sports,
  • field hockey,
  • ga-ga,
  • soccer,
  • gardening and nature,
  • art,
  • movement,
  • playground and trikes,
  • indoor activities (computers, games, science) in our air conditioned building.  
  • Children learn to love and care for animal friends in our petting zoo -- including Rosalina (miniature donkey), Candy (the pony) and her horse friends, lambs, a goat, and chickens.  

Each week sponsors special themed activities.  Two weeks of “Spirit Weeks”, promote character building and cooperative play as children participate in games and accumulate points for teamwork for kids camp.  Older groups participate in a “buddy” program, where they help younger children and children with special needs attending Carousel Farm’s Educational Center.  Summer at Rainbow Academy is filled with giggles and delight!

Rainbow Connection is a program specifically designed to develop connections between children and the people in their lives.  It is an inclusive summer camp program held at Rainbow Academy for children with disorders of relating and communicating; i.e., Asperger’s Syndrome, specific learning disabilities, and high functioning Autism.  Criteria for enrollment include those children between 6 and 12 years old with abilities listed above, and who are included with typical peers for more than 75% of the school day.  Call 215-355-6498 for an application exclusive to this program, and an opportunity to meet with one of the Directors.