Upon entering the school, one is impressed with lots of bright and cheerful art work and stories created by the children.  Classrooms on both floors surround a large indoor learning center area making up Housekeeping and Drama, Science and Discovery, and Blocks and Transportation.

Classrooms are print-rich and contain the Language and Literacy, Creative Expression, and Manipulatives learning centers.  Children have opportunities for painting, gardening, wood-working, and music.  The science  and math centers includes school pets, books, microscopes, and methods of involving children in estimating, making predictions, and exploring.  Dramatic play invites children to dress-up, put on plays, create puppet acts, and pretend.  An emerging literacy and language program promotes oral and visual concepts of print in fun and exciting ways.  Fine motor and sensory-motor skills are enhanced.  The Handwriting without Tears curriculum is used in our pre-kindergarten classes.  Computers are available to all children, and are used for games, sending e-mail to parents, and printing stories.  The growth of human excellence is developed through a Kindness Curriculum, which includes time set aside for Morning and Afternoon Meetings, as well as taking time to teach young children to communicate with and appreciate each other.

Rainbow Academy is a community that embraces diversity in children and their families. We welcome children with a range of abilities into our programs. Our learning community is designed to address each child’s unique needs, while reinforcing individual strengths.  A small staff/student ratio allows every child to thrive!

Families are an integral part of the curriculum, as they bring their careers, cultures, and dynamics into the classrooms.  Parents and grandparents are welcome partners at Rainbow Academy!

The curriculum is eclectic, and is based upon the philosophies of David Elkind, Maria Montessori, Stanley Greenspan, Howard Gardner, and Lev Vygotsky.  Their theories are put into practical application through the Pennsylvania Learning Standards, and the standards set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The program is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Private Academic Schools and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  A copy of developmental goals for each age group is sent home monthly, so that parents can play at home!!!