Before/After School Programs

Each day, “Rainbow” vans drop off and pick up children at certain elementary schools in the Council Rock School District.  Our Afterschool Program provides a delightful afternoon for children, including transportation from school, snack, and interesting activities.  Inside the building, children can participate in “learning center” activities including computers, dress-up and dramatic play, creative art expression, puppetry, building, games, reading, writing, publishing stories, and participating in science activities.  

The “homework club” allows children to spend time doing their homework, with the support of our teaching staff.  Outside activities include soccer, field hockey, sports activities, playground time, basketball, hayrides, and rides on Candy, the pony.  Our children enjoy the petting zoo with lambs and goats, and during the spring and fall seasons, help to feed and take care of the animals.

On most days when the public elementary schools are closed, including most half-days, Rainbow Academy offers a potpourri of activities.  Scheduled off-site programs include bowling, movies, museums, miniature golf, and other places of interest to young children.  On scheduled public school half-days, our vans will pick the children up at school closing time.

What is most special about the Before/Afterschool Program is the camaraderie that is formed among the children and staff.  The small group becomes very close-knit and enjoy year-to-year relationships.