Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rainbow Academy differ from other local child care centers?

    Rainbow Academy is licensed by the Department of Education as a private academic school for early childhood education between the hours of 8:30 – 3:30. Our teachers (with college degrees in education) provide a curriculum that includes all the domains of learning for young children. Our before/after school program is licensed by the Department of Welfare. The program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children ( The facility is located on an idyllic 5-acre farm.
    Rainbow Academy is privately owned and directed by a family of educators.

How are the children involved on the 5-acre farm?

    Children are drawn to nature and learn to respect and love all living things at school. Caressing a fuzzy lamb’s ear in the vegetable garden, sowing and planting seeds for the sunflower garden, a pumpkin patch, decorating and noticing seasonal changes in each class tree are just some of the fun outdoor experiences. A Melody Garden is created for children to have rhythm band parades and experiment with all different types of music. Our petting zoo invites children to find eggs in the henhouse, and fall in love with Baa-bette, Rosie the lamb, and Mikey and Molly, the silly goats. Candy, the pony, and Rosalina, her donkey friend, meander in the paddock and offer pony rides. Fields to romp and play, trikes, playgrounds to investigate, including water tables and sensory sand, are filled with delight! Children, nature, and the outdoors are synonymous at Rainbow Academy!

How do you handle “discipline?”

    “Discipline” means “teaching”, and at Rainbow Academy, a curriculum for social responsibility is woven throughout the entire day. Techniques from the Responsive Classroom ( are implemented, including Morning Meeting, Guided Discovery, and Conflict Resolution. Children learn to care for and about each other in a community built on respect for oneself and each other. Our staff/student ratio is small, which allows each individual’s needs and goals to be met in a warm, nurturing environment.

Do you provide snack? Do you provide lunch?

    Snack is offered before school, provided during the morning program, provided during the afternoon program, and provided in the after-school program. Snack is always offered “family style” from two food groups including: cheese, fruit, spreads, a cracker or cookie. Children often participate in “cooking” experiences while at school such as baking bread, creating snacks, and even a campfire! Children independently pour water from child-sized pitchers. If your child has an allergy, considerations are put into place to meet his/her needs.
    A healthy, hot lunch is offered from a local catering agency for an additional fee.

How are parents involved in the school?

Parents (and grandparents!) are active participants at Rainbow Academy! We welcome Royal Readers to don a cape and crown and read a story to the class! Parent/Director Breakfasts are offered throughout the school year to meet and greet each other, as well as discuss topics of interest for young families. Families are formally invited to attend our special events including Scarecrow Judging Day, Halloween festivities, Thanksgiving Campfire, book fairs, Career Days, International Celebrations, and May Fair. Two conferences are held during the school year. We welcome everyone to visit and enjoy!

How do you meet the needs of children with differing learning styles?

Rainbow Academy applauds diversity! Our staff are trained to meet the needs of all children – those with exceptional abilities in every unique area! We are partners with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit, who provide support for children having Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Children in our Pre-K and K programs are given Readiness Screenings before entering the elementary school to show their excellence! 

What does a Summer Camp calendar look like?

Below is an example of the Summer camp calendar from 2018 summer.