Toddler/Early Threes/Pre-School/Pre-K Activities 

Half-day and full-day schedules are available for children in the early threes, pre school and pre-kindergarten programs.  Daycare Programs are offered for all ages before and after school hours to accommodate working families.

Activities include:

Early Literacy and Language Program – reading exploration and appreciation, shared big books, writing experimentation, developing and expanding listening skills, communicating ideas and experiences, expanding awareness of concepts of print.

Imaginative Play – dress-up, puppets, Rainbow “village”, housekeeping area, props for acting.

Science/Math/Discovery – learning about numbers, understanding patterns, representing and interpreting data, reasoning and problem solving, exploring, science activities, pets to care for and love, planting seeds in the greenhouse, gardening, petting zoo with lambs, goats, chickens, and a donkey and pony to feed and love.

Blocks and Transportation – building and constructing, creating scenes, engineering.

Creative Expression – dance and movement, rhythm instruments, woodworking, easel painting, cutting, molding and squishing clay, crafting, music, role playing.

Fine and Sensory Motor Development – sorting, classifying, eye-hand coordination, self-help skills, water/sand/rice/noodle play, developing small muscle control.

Outdoor Play – playgrounds, fields for sports/games/running, trike court, basketball court, pony rides on “Candy”, gross motor activities.

Seasonal activities - include creating scarecrows; pumpkin patch picking; raking leaves; Thanksgiving campfire; fun in the snow; sowing seeds in the greenhouse; planting for the Butterfly Garden, the Vegetable Garden, and the Sunflower House Garden; annual May Fair – opportunities at the “pre-school on a farm.” 

Curricular activities at Rainbow Academy invite children to explore both indoors and outdoors year-round!  Learning comes alive in this exceptional preschool and daycare facility!