Kindergarten & Kindergarten Enrichment Classes

The Kindergarten Program at Rainbow Academy is designed to provide young children with activities in language, mathematics, creative arts, science, social studies, social living, fine and gross motor areas. Children have opportunities for reading and writing, asking questions, seeking answers, and critical thinking in a full day kindergarten and/or half day kindergarten.  The learning mode is both teacher-directed and child-initiated.  Learning objectives are based on the standards provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Early Learning Standards for Kindergarten.

Activities include:

  • learning to read and write in an environment where children utilize real literature (which is read to them and which they read themselves), writing (either dictated by them or with which they experiment on their own), music, poetry, art, dramatization, discussion, etc.
  • mathematics exploration which teaches numeration, classification, patterns, measurement and geometry, operations (addition and subtraction), problem solving and graphing skills.  The math program depends on manipulatives and implements the Moving with Math series to teach the kindergarten objectives.

Howard Gardner, an education professor at Harvard University lists seven intelligences as:  the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences; musical intelligence; spatial intelligence; bodily-kinesthetic intelligence; and two forms of personal intelligence, one directed toward other persons, one directed toward oneself.  We are intrigued by his writings, and incorporate his theory into our school through our "Indoor and Outdoor Learning Center" activities.  Our Indoor Centers include a Language Center; Science/Math Discovery Center; Manipulatives Center; Dramatics/Imaginative Play Center; Creative Expression Center; Blocks and Transportation. Our Outdoor Centers allow for easel painting, balance and coordination activities, trikes, fields for soccer and ball sports, a greenhouse and gardens, as well as caring for our pony, lambs, and goats. Childen develop a love for the environment as they nurture and care for plants and animals friends.

Children learn cooperative play, empathy for friends and pets, and a sense of "community" at Rainbow Academy through our Responsive Classroom techniques and Morning/Afternoon Meeting activities.  This program reinforces a curriculum of social responsibility and community. 

The Kindergarten Enrichment Program at Rainbow Academy provides an afternoon of enrichment for those children who attend morning class in the public elementary schools.  This private kindergarten allows for a smooth kindergarten transition where children are able to explore in literacy, math, art, science, nature, and play.

Activities include:

  • creative arts program involving music, movement, and art through learning about Artists of the Month
  • social studies enrichment
  • science discovery
  • reading and writing activities to add depth to the morning program
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • mathematics exploration
  • exploration in the Indoor and Outdoor Learning Centers (as outlined above)
  • a social responsibility curriculum

Registration for Kindergarten is now open!  Call us to inquire.

The kindergarten registration process is as simple as touring Rainbow Academy and completing a school application.